Trisha Graybill, a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania native, resides in Philadelphia.  She has been faced with what lots of people would consider traumas, but she believes everything happens for a reason.  She is embracing every experience and trusting the journey!

Trisha became all too familiar with doctors and the hospital scene since birth due to earaches, being highly asthmatic and having allergies to the environment and certain medicines.  She remembers being called in from playing outside to sit for an hour connected to a nebulizer; even at the young age of 4 she would make the best of it! 

During her Thanksgiving break her first semester at college, Trisha experienced a 5-day trauma-induced coma from a near fatal car accident.  She was broadsided by a suburban.  Although she only remembers a couple random days at the rehabilitation home, she was told there were a lot of close calls with the severity of the accident; one being, because she hit her head ‘just right’ it relieved the pressure and she didn’t suffer from brain damage.  She was told she had one of the fastest recoveries ever seen for that type of trauma.  Even with suffering from short-term amnesia from the accident, she graduated college on time to receive a BSBA from the University of Pittsburgh. 

In mid-2014 Trisha was questioning what she was doing with her life and read the book, Many Lives, Many Masters and in that book she read people survive comas because their life purpose hasn’t been met yet.  About 3 months later, she was diagnosed with stage 3b non-small cell lung cancer as a non-smoker.  She received the message with open arms and knew through the cancer chapter of her life, she would begin to inspire and provide hope for all affected by the dis-ease.  She immediately began to meditate, change the way she thought, and change her diet. She also had her picture sent to John of God, the medium healer in Brazil.  She attributed these steps to the reason she never got sick or lost her hair from 37 high-dose radiation treatments and 3 chemo ‘cocktail’ treatments.

Trisha has been documenting this chapter and shares real life events via live posts on social media, live radio shows, and podcasts. She will be the lead actress in the feature length film "The Keyholder", about a woman who cures herself of cancer through meditation. In addition to 'The Keyholder" film, a talk show is in the works and she co-wrote a book titled "The Healing Journey". Trisha also inspires people to live more naturally via hosting The Organic Living segment on, hosting workshops, and emceeing events.

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To inspire!  Trisha uses all social media platforms as well as live events, TV shows, podcasts, and radio shows to help people live more naturally, believe in themselves, and trust everything happens for a reason so they can find the good in it all.  The mind is a powerful tool and she wants to show people how to use it to their advantage.



Survived a trauma-induced coma in 1997 with a quick recovery and graduated college on time!

Co-wrote a book titled "The Healing Journey"

Traveled to John Of God healing center in Brazil yearly since 2015!

Scholarship winner to attend The Truth About Cancer Conference in 2017 and share her story!

In 2014, journeyed through 37 high dose treatments of radiation and 3 intense chemotherapy treatments and she never got sick or lost her hair!

Patient at Hope4Cancer Treatment Center in Cancun, Mexico!

Mistress of Ceremonies for the 2nd Annual Women In Media Global Conference!

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.
— Mahatma Gandhi